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Percutaneous Technique

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Percutaneous Technique

“Percutaneous hair transplantation is a special technique applied in very few places in Turkey. Holes are made with special thin-tipped blades in the areas where the hair follicles to be taken from the back of the head will be transplanted. The feature of these holes is that they are not flat but round. Fine holes are made by giving special angles for each hair strand, that is, the holes in the thickness of the hair strands are designed exactly for the penetration of the hair. Because the follicle structure of each hair strand is different.”

This method is extremely advantageous for patients who expect to see a natural result as a result of hair transplantation. The natural appearance of the hair is achieved by transplanting the hair with the right angles in the holes made specifically for each hair strand.

The hair follicles placed in small holes of different sizes with appropriate angles by using the percutaneous method are completely settled where they are located. Therefore, the healing process is very fast, there is no scar in the healed transplantation area after 2-3 days.

In addition, since excessive isotonic fluid is not used, edema formation on your face is very low after the hair transplantation operation. At the same time, you will get through this period without any rash on your skin during the recovery period.

Another advantage is that the hair follicles are planted from the hairy area, so there is no possibility of damage to the follicles.