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Health Tourism

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What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism in the world and in our country is a rapidly rising value in recent years and is a very important alternative type of tourism. Turkey has achieved great developments in the healthcare sector in recent years. Thanks to a series of reforms, the quality and efficiency of the health system have been increased. In addition to public health services, private health services have also developed rapidly in recent years. Turkey provides services at European standards with its modern hospitals, trained manpower, specialist doctors, technological infrastructure and accumulation of experience. With its unique geographic location, health institutions, trained and skilled manpower in the sector, spas and natural beauties, Turkey is a center of attraction in terms of health tourism. Both its historical and cultural richness as well as its level of development in the healthcare sector make Turkey one of the 10 favorite countries in the world. Turkey is the shining star of the health tourism with its healthcare institutions using advanced technology and offering price advantage.
Turkey also follows up the developments in aesthetic and plastic surgery at the same time with world leaders and even pioneers many developed countries in new technical applications. Furthermore, while providing the same high standards and quality in health services, Turkey is also more economical than many countries in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Doctors communicate much more easily with their patients due to the friendly nature of Turkish people. In addition, foreign patients are hosted by health consultants who speak their own language. Because our country offers better post-operation services, Turkey is a preferred country in the aesthetic sector. Especially in recent years, very successful breakthroughs have been made in health tourism in Turkey. The state also supports the investments of the institutions. First and foremost, these initiatives affect the perception of Turkey in the world in a positive way. Considering Turkey’s location, the quality of service provided and affordable prices, we firmly believe that Turkey will reach an even further level in health tourism.